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February 4, 2020
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March 26, 2020

CMU Students Volunteer at the Local Food Bank with Heart Of Compassion

CMU Students worked hard and had fun volunteering at the Food Bank and helping the community as we partnered with the organization Heart of Compassion Distribution to make an impact.

If you would like to volunteer with Heart of Compassion Distribution you can learn more below and visit their website.

Let’s Fight Hunger and Feed Hope
Founded in 1993 by Pastor Eric Tietze, Heart of Compassion (HOC) Distribution is a 501(c)(3) food bank and social service organization. HOC works to alleviate hunger, food insecurities and the suffering of those who have fallen on hard times. Our mission is to be a lighthouse of volunteers fighting poverty and restoring hope. Our vision is to empower residents in all communities living in poverty to achieve self-sufficiency. We achieve our mission in collecting, packaging and distributing food to low-income communities through a network of service agencies and programs. Heart of Compassion not only distributes food to families in need but also serves as a hub to provide transitional housing, occupational training, and vocational rehabilitation. In addition, we partner with other non-profits, local officials, and community supporters. For more information check-out our “Partner Page” to view Heart of Compassion Ministry Resources Network.